Jun 6 News: Commission Types Finished! hide

We have finished development of commission types! Please give it a spin and try creating one today! Note that actions do not yet work (with the exception of wishlisting), however, they can be fully shared! (read more at our blog).

About Us

About Us

What We Do

Hello and welcome to Catalyst!

We strive to simplify the often complex and difficult process of commissioning, for both the artist and customer!

Our site allows for artists and clients to easily connect and find each other on our platform!

We aim to be as inclusive of all forms of art - be it a picture, writing, sculpting or crafting - Catalyst has a place for artists of all kinds, genres, and backgrounds!

Through easy listing and searching of artists' information, the customer can find exactly what they want and who they want to commission and how much it will cost, without having to wade through hundreds of feeds.

Our system allows for an in-depth customization of your commission as well, keeping it simple yet feature-rich! Some describe it like ordering a pizza with custom toppings: choose what you want, how you want it, and get an estimate of how much it'll be!

Have you ever placed a commission and are wondering how far the artist is? We have a system where artists can mark individual stages (sketching, coloring, etc.) as "Completed", as well as set deadlines, allowing you to check your commission's status without having to message them each time, letting the artist focus on their work without distraction!

Another defining feature of Catalyst is the lack of most social-media aspects. While communicating with the artist can be done, it lacks the usual galleries, journal and comment features. Other sites are made for social media - so let them handle that, and let us focus on what we do best: simplifying commissions.

There is a ton of additional, great features, some of them being:

  • Character storages!

    No more re-uploading ref-sheets, or having to send tons of refs!

    Had something drawn by an artist previously? You can upload it and comment on what might deviate from the official ref, on what you think has turned out great, or things you want other artists to focus on, too!

  • Commission tracking
  • Wish-lists!

    Want to commission someone, but don't have the funds yet? - No worries! Put them on your wish-list so you'll remember later!

  • No charges, fees or cuts of any kind!

    Catalyst is entirely free to use by both the artist and customer!

  • User-powered

    We are powered by our community! We make it easy for members of the community to share ideas for improvements, new features, etc! We value your input!

There's even more than this in the plan, this is just the start! Have any feedback or questions? We'd love to hear all your ideas and answer any questions you may have, so please, don't hesitate to share them with us! You can find us at any of the social media platforms listed below!

This text was originally written by Naahva on Telegram - huge thanks to him!

Our Staff

Fauxil Fox

Fauxil Fox

Fauxil is the founder of Catalyst! He has developed most every aspect of the platform. He oversees all operations and decisions as well. He is studying Computer Science, and loves to code! He especially loves backend web-developement or general programming, his primary language being PHP.

Image by aspenshadow (Fur Affinity)

Roles: Owner, Lead Developer



A wonderful and sweet wolf that keeps everything going. Studying computer science and machine learning!

Image by blackmustang13 (Fur Affinity)

Roles: Assistant, General Helper

Disco Bob

Disco Bob

Disco Bob (Discombobulation) loves to help out others with whatever problems they encounter. He studies Chemistry and English and loves all sorts of animals (primarily his dogs). Disco Bob is always happy to get a message from someone who needs help or simply wants to talk.

Image by Orlando Fox (Twitter, Website)

Roles: Social Media Manager (Patreon, Tumblr)



From the land of maple syrup, moose, and beavers. AKA Canada. Also is a blue fox thing. Speaking of blue things, Cherry MX Blue™ key switches are great. (We are not endorsed or paid by Cherry)

Image by wo7f (Fur Affinity)

Roles: Social Media Manager (Twitter)



Acey is an artist who is looking to become a professional illustrator in the future!

Image by quietwheezing on Amino

Roles: Artist, Instagram, and DeviantArt

Jiki Scott

Jiki Scott

Jiki is a social media tycoonist who's studying marketing and the principles needed to make social platforms.

Image by ShadowNinja976 (Fur Affinity)

Roles: Social Media Manager (Fur Affinity, Facebook)

Soul Wesson

Soul Wesson

Soul has been an artist for almost a decade now, and loves growing her style with the help of the community. Always one to help others, she loves taking the time to help others via Twitter, Twitch, and several other communities and art sites. Great at diffusing tense situations, and always ready to lend a hand, Soul often offers her friendship first, and her services second. Her messages are always open for anyone who needs advice, or just someone to talk to.

Image by Jasmae (Fur Affinity)

Roles: PR manager


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